Monday, August 3, 2015

Where am I?

What to do when you low at Bobithin

I didn't know prices rose this much when I was gone.

Wow disciple scared me

Well I guess my shirt can block metal detect

When amulet tucked in shirt

When amulet is showing

I think it's a glitch

Milkguy ripped up my autograph
(Engraved Metal detect) and he was still orange

I was Fighting Gram wewo and mino and 


then I got my fdag stuck in Mino's horn's

Teles glowed and so I hit someone then teled 
and tried to scare someone (Don't think he was scared)

Annoying Mr.Minotaur

Doing my pull ups to stay strong


New Orc Boss

He is kinda nooby lol what a noob